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News From the Front - Recent Updates
  Task Force Echo-Four is proud to have delivered 65 scenarios to the SB community as of this date

23 September
What does this mean for you and us?
No more pop up adds
Both Outpost Echo-Four and Hell's Half Acre will be merged
all of the material mentioned on the site will be available in one place
No crappy downtime
Unlimited Space
The new URL for the site (now called Task Force Echo-Four) is the following
It will take a bit to move everything over there, so bare with us. Should have it up within the week-two maximum.
Back to work
14 September
Task Force Echo Four welcomes aboard new member Tom Konczal. Tom will be found exclusively skulking in the Jungles of Vietnam over at Hell's Half Acre, yet none the less we give him a hearty welcome here at OPE4.
AvR - Custom Scenario - Ozgur Budak hits again with number one in his State Farm 79 series (not to be confused with Jeff Conners' ASL conversion) "First Encounter".  
AvR- Custom Scenario - Einundvierzig no.#3 "Kherson: Soldiers of the Sea" has finished playtesting and is now available. BTW_ You are not missing number two in the series, it just has not been completed yet. I had to some deep sea fishing for a bit of info involving the Sokolow scenario and it is in the works.

08 September
The Board Game project just keeps rolling with another addition by Ozgur Budak for AvR titled "Two Long Bars". This action is at Kalinin in Nov. of 1941 and features support from the infamous Hans Rudel.
Due to some upcoming projects that I have in the works, the SS:Einundvierzig scenarios will be released as they are completed instead of releasing the entire package at once as originally planned. This is being done because of the projects immensity and the time it will take to complete it in entirity. That said, scenario one; Panzermeyers' Bluff is uploaded and scenario 3 Kherson: Soldiers of the Sea (both involving LSSAH) will be done very shortly.
Final Touches being put on Jeff Conner's first AotR scenario designing effort, Knife in the Back at Sowchos 79".  Hell of a slugfest.
Added a scenario archive of non TFE4 personell's scenarios
Also finished up some alt art work of mine for P&F and Pacific War which you'll have to travle over to Hell's Half Acre to check out. Thomas just made a good sized update himself.
Lastly, I put an updated picture of the evil seed in the site news below for those who have been asking about Sascha. Awwww...precious......chomp. AAAAAAHHHHH!

02 September - 17 SCENARIO UPDATE!
Ozgur has finished up his Mortain Battlepack for the ES_BGP project. 8 scenarios focusing on the fighting around the Avranches in August 1944. Tough for the Germans, but a whole new world of balance compared to the stock versions of Mortain. He has also completed his Eagles Strike Alternate vehicle art package (WWII Resources) which looks amazing.
Thomas has completed 3 more BGP conversions. The first two are for ES. These battles finish off scenarios number 11-20 in the ES_BGP project and they have been packaged in with the first 8 scenarios to make one large download. (You must download the to get these files.) Third scrap is ASL_AR#6. This fight squares off an NKVD company vs. elements of the Nordland Regt./SS Wiking Division in urban combat ala Rostov 42.
New Guest article from Marc "Bayonet" Belizzi. "The Offense" is part one in a 2 part series on getting up there and kicking some ass for whatever banner you happen to be flying at the moment. Marc is a Major is the US Army and a former Rifle Company Commander who knows his medicine. Extensive info for those who want to brush up on their game or for those who just want to see how the real world infantry operates.
New scenario submissions from one of Wild Bill's Raiders, Kevin Kinscherf . These 6 scenarios cover the fighting around Borisov during Barbarossa (July 1941) and are et up to have different options, 1 is best played as German, 1 H2H, etc. Hearty thanks to Kevin. Salute.
BGP_AR#4 "Dead of Winter" appears to not have been working properly. I uploaded a freah version of it for those who may have had problems with the original.

27 August
Hell's Half Acre is open for business........see site news below. Busy on a real update for the site. Roughly 4 or 5 scenarios and a remedy for a currently non working scenario. Hang in there, been busy in Asia. ;-)

24 August
BGP-ES#17 was not working properly due to a renaming error on my part. This has been remedied and corrected files uploaded.

The Riflemans' Herald - SB News Sept.

Because the SB:WWII material keeps piling in the way it has been and more than likely will continue to do so at OPE4,  TaskForce Echo-Four possessed no other option than to start up another website focued on Asian wars titled "Hell's Half Acre".  HHA caters to all past, present and future Squad Battles material dealing with Asian and Far Eastern Theaters.

The site is now finished and hosts almost 60 scenarios! The site will also host a page for the upcoming Blitzkrieg Eagles Strike Mirror Match Tourney (space reasons). I have put all of the custom scenarios and work that I have for Vietnam, TOD, Korea and P&F up on HHA, so if you did an Asian scenario and you hate my guts, please drop me an e-mail so I can whack your stuff from the site and save some web space. ;-)

So all of you Pixel Leathernecks and Bitmap Boonie Rats, grab your duece gear and double time over to Hell's Half Acre. Enjoy.

Too many firefights, not enough loot?
2003 seems to be the year of Squad Battles releases does it not? With Korea being released in the 2nd quarter and quickly overshadowed by Advance of the Reichs' release a month later, many SB series fans seemed a bit overwhelmed and exhausted with trying to keep up with the series a few short months ago. Now here comes SB7 just chicken necking around the corner.

Squad Battles has taken a few blows on the last two releases. Trotter's PC Gamer review of SB Korea seemed rather harsh for an obvious lack of understanding of the game mechanics and a few typos. With all the variety, nationalities and 70 scenarios, Korea is often hailed by fans of  Squad Battles as the best of the series to date. This is despite it's lowly 64% rating from PC Gamer which seems to have resulted from the Chinese opening a can of whoop ass on Trotter at Kapyong. LMAO.

I have not seen any reviews of Advance of the Reich as of this moment, but the lack of stock scenarios balanced for PBEM often leaves one with a bad first impression that seems to make a 180 degree turn to praise after more than a few hours with the game. Personally, AvR is my favorite SB game to date and massive after market support is being put into it from this end.

Soon SB7 will hit the shelves as it is already showing up on order forms at DIY wargame distributors in Europe. Will it recieve the same coup de grace as SB:KW? My concern is that fans may be swayed from picking the game up due to past vibes, or thinking that it is just part deux of a past SB release. SB7 is an excellent game and offers as much variety as KW. 60 scenarios, 3 campaigns, numerous nationalities, etc. It was a blast to work on and SB fans will be very satisfied, in my opinion.

You may have noticed that I am not kicking out the scenarios like I once was. This is due to the fact that I am working away on the Einundvierzig Battlepack for AvR. These are historical scenarios being balanced for PBEM play and my trusty cohort and I are playtesting number 3 in the series (a wicked streetfight with LSSAH and Red Marines at Kherson, Ukraine SSR) as I type. I had planned to do 10 scenarios, but it looks as if it may be more. If not more than 10, the first battlepack may cover the Leibstandarte exclusively. Breaks your heart huh? Yeah, mine too. lol.

Additionally, I am slowly but surely working on a project for the aging SBV, that covers the US 3rd Marine Divisions' Operation Kingfisher around Con Thien and the DMZ during the late summer of 1967. Scenario one is being playtested at the moment and I plan to do 6-10 scenarios. Vietnam is a great game, seems to have gotten a lot of support in the beginning, but it seems to have died away in the past year...we'll change that. ;-)  That'll be going up on HHA when it is completed.

All for now.

22 August 2003

My Wargaming and Military Rap Sheet

WarGaming: Tactical or subtactical level and turn based. Anything beyond the tactical level gives the creeps. Never wanted to be pogue (REMF for you Army doggies) and war on that level is definetly rear echelon. Favorite games of the past Twilight 2000, Advanced Squad Leader, Ambush!, Charlie Company, Panzer General. Currently play all Squad Battles games religiously, and HPS' Early American Wars (1776, 1812, F&IW) and the Campaign Series periodically.

Design:  I have worked on two HPS' Squad Battles projects as playtest coordinator - scenario designer; The Korean War and  Pacific War. I am currently working on a future SB project and have recently designed a few Pacific War scenarios for the United States Army.

Military US Marine Corps (1989-1992). Parris Island. FMF : Echo Company, 2/3 Marines, 1st MEB. 1990-91 Persian Gulf War. Operation Desert Shield, Storm, Sword.
Task Force Organization  
1st Marine Division, 1st Gulf War

Military History  Ground Warfare. WWII has always been my main interest, but I do not limit myself to the period of 1939-1945. Extremely interested with the exploits of regular ground forces with elite standing. Waffen SS, GroßDeutschland, select Fallschrimjager Divisions, US Marines, ROK Marines, US Army Airborne, British Paras and Marines, French Foreign Legion,  Soviet Naval Infantry, Ghurkas, etc.

Also interested in many wars and conflicts from the age of rifles until the present, but lately conflicts against the Russians have consumed my pursuit of military history. Russo-Japanese War, Russo-Polish War, Russo-Finnish War, Nomonhan and Changkufeng Incidents, Russo-German War and finally the Soviet-Afghan War.

ATTENTION, YOU ARE IN AMERICAN WEB SPACE! The opinions and the statements on this site are those of the author and only his. Any third party represented on these pages has nothing to do with the blabbering of the sites creator . I post no disclaimer. Being an American, I reserve the right given to me in the US Constitution to say whatever I may, when ever I feel like it, and however I wish to say it. You also reserve rights by said Constitution to believe what ever you may concerning my statements; be them in a political, religious, or personal point of view. Freedom for me and not for thee does not exist here. Feel free to e-mail me with any comments. echo-four